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Fring is a brilliant software that gathers up allĀ  of your buddies and connects to all of their online social networks to form a single buddy list. Fring is your ideal app to start interacting with your friends and family instantly, without wasting any time or money! Fring is the ultimate mobile social web phone service!

Fringafy your phone!

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Use Fring to chat, SMS and video call with your online buddies for free! Fring allows you to connect directly to your friends profiles and chat with them even if they use a computer. Because you can’t install Fring on PC directly, you can use it on your mobile to chat and call people using Skype, MSN, Facebook or other IM’s on their computer, or opposite, use your PC to call your Fringers! Fring requires only two things to work – an active internet connection and a smartphone!

With Fring you can:

make free mobile calls, real time chat, video calls, group chat (up to 4 buddies!), free texting (forget about SMS!), and save your call history! Fring actually saves you money! There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t download Fring right now!

Start fringing today!

Supports AIM, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, ICQ, Twitter, Skype, GoogleTalk & MSN Messenger!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android & Nokia!